Barclays CEO Jes Staley has stated in interviews that the days of the corporate offices with thousands of employees may be a thing of the past.  Many companies have embraced the concept of the work-from-home model. There are many reasons –  from increased employee morale to continued safety and health benefits of not having so many people crammed into an office space, to not needing so much office space.  Offices are expensive and have a lot of costs and overhead.  If you move thousands of people out of the office and allow them to stay home, you just saved a fortune of money.

This does not mean that an office will no longer be used.  There are always going to be businesses that require people to work in a specific location to do a particular job  Corporations might not need to house thousands of people, but they will need smaller offices for individual departments or job functions that either cannot be done from home or the business does not want to be done out of people’s homes.

Since companies will require fewer people to work out of the office, they will require less space.  We are going to start to see many businesses leave their large space for smaller spaces with fewer offices to account for the reduced number of people who need to commute to an office.

NYC’s Best Commercial Cleaning Service specializes in working with small businesses.  The concept of commercial cleaning for a small business is the same when it comes to big companies that occupy a smaller office.

NYC’s Best Commercial Cleaning Service provides individualized attention and creates a cleaning plan specific to your location and your needs.  For your safety and security, we have also added office sanitization services, so you will be confident that those who need to be in the office can be there with significantly reduced risk.

As you move into your new office space, call NYC’s Best Commercial Cleaning Service, and we will come to your office and give you a detailed and personalized estimate on what it will take to keep your offices clean, fresh, and safe.