Broadway in New York at night

When you start a business, one of the first things you must think about is what you will call the company.  For us, the idea of calling ourselves NYC’s Best Commercial Cleaning Service was not just a matter of ego.  It is a matter of pride.  From the first days of our company, we decided that we were going to be the best at what we do.  Founder and CEO Claudette Robb Ross has the education, background, and knowledge to make such a claim and follow through with it.

We understand what it means to claim to be the best in a place such as New York City.  To claim to be the best here is to claim to be the best in the world, and that is not something we do lightly.

New York is known as the unofficial capital of the world and for a good reason.  New York leads the way in so many areas.  From finance to global events and culture, New York has so much to offer. 

From the earliest days of the United States, the American financial infrastructure has been based in New York City on Wall Street.  The New York Stock Exchange was established with the signing of the Buttonwood on May 17, 1792.  The agreement was called the Buttonwood Agreement since it was signed under a Buttonwood Tree, where traders and speculators would meet to trade informally.  The first company listed on the new Exchange was the Bank of New York, which is still traded today as BNY Mellon.  Still based on Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange is one of the world’s most important exchanges.

There are very few places in the world that can compete with New York City when it comes to live entertainment.  Though currently dark due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Broadway has become synonymous with live entertainment, with the only equivalent being London’s West End.  

Live theater has been around in New York since 1750 with the establishment of a theater on Nassau Street. The show to be considered the first “Broadway Show” was “The Black Crook” which debuted on September 12, 1866.  It ran for 484 performances at a time when 20 performances was considered to be a successful run.

When it comes to musical performance, the New York Philharmonic was founded in 1842 and is the oldest in the United States and one of the world’s most highly regarded orchestras.

We can go on and on to point out the highlights in New York City, including some of the greatest museums in the world, the most incredible urban Zoo in the Bronx, and impressive urban parks, including Manhattan’s Central Park and Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

To call ourselves the best in a city that sets the global standard in so many areas might seem like a bold statement. It is a statement we are committed to proving every day, and we gladly put ourselves out there for you to put us to the test. 

To be the best in New York City is to claim a level of unmatched skill and professionalism.  We stand by our claim.  Our clients know that our name represents who we are, and we challenge you to put us to the test.  We are NYC’s Best Commercial Cleaning Service, and We are New York.

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